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Sandra Lima is a songstress who has shown her tenacity through longevity in music. Her most recent works can be found on Dufflebag Records, Seamless Recordings, and NRK. Her downtempo project, Santoma, debuted on Large Music.

​Sandra believes in sharing her love through music. She uses her music as a method of healing for both herself and those who will listen. As she laces you with her smooth, sensual voice, her playful lyrics will resonate with and uplift your state of mind.


As a young girl, Sandra discovered dance music brought light to every moment as well as her every footstep. At an early age dancing in the living room to disco and salsa, she found music brought solace and a release that could defeat even the most painful of moments, if only for a brief time. Naturally, she embraced all genres of music as they were introduced to her. It was around the age of 12 that she joined the choir and found the warmth of gospel music which influences her soulful sound to this day.


However it was in 1991, that Sandra discovered the sound that truly spoke to her heart - House Music. It happened to be in a Downtown Los Angeles warehouse. Five years after her introduction to house music, Sandra recalls a night out with friends when she came across a flier of someone looking for a vocalist. Without hesitation, she met her calling. Her first single, “Fever” was released on Groove Daddy Records. Shortly thereafter she was recruited to join a long-lasting pop vocal group called Vienna.

She along with songbirds Corina Brambilla and Eva Marquez performed at numerous venues – which included live performances on the FM dial, a showcase on MTV's "The Cut", and most memorably a birthday serenade for Quincy Jones' private celebration held at his So Cal residence.

​In 2003, Vienna’s time had come to a close. It was then that Sandra went back to her true roots in House music. Since that day, Sandra has focused on composing deep house melodies that allow her to imbue more soul into her songwriting. These projects include collaborations with talented producers, Thomas White of Natural Rhythm, Scope, Jon Silva of Pesto Recordings as well as others. Sold worldwide, her vocals can also be found on albums such as Ian Pooley's "A Subterranean Soundtrack," Large Music's "Large Grooves 3," and Large Music's "Late Night Sessions, Vol.2" to name a few. You can also find some of Sandra's work on television in episodes of "Queer Eye For The Straight Girl," "America's Next Top Model," and her latest release "The Slow" in the short film, "Cherry Waves" which also won a short film award from HBO - where it was featured on demand.


Most recently, while enduring a very difficult time in life, she found herself sitting in the studio with one of her closest friends, Thomas White. It was on this night that they decided to embrace a creatively unchartered path. With a glass of Scotch, a Tenorion, a microphone, and slight amount of intrepidity, they found Santoma. We now can look forward to what is coming of Sandra's special style of love as she is continually translating her cadence of life through her offering of song.

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